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Orion Outboard is located in upstate New York on the south shore of Lake Ontario. This area has long been home to duck and goose hunters. The south shore has many large marshes, open water bays, tributaries, and flooded timber beaver swamps. Many of these areas require a shallow water drive to get into. Over the years, we have designed, built, and purchased many forms of shallow water drives. We have also aged in those years and determined that a heavy motor and boat combo is not always needed and sometimes it's more of burden that it is worth. Many times we wished that we had a small motor boat combo to get to some of those hard to get to back water areas that you simply cannot reach with a large boat and motor. So we decided that we would build it for ourselves and Orion Outboards was born.

What we have achieved is a compact lightweight surface drive mud motor that is portable but packs enough punch to "Get you there" when you need to be there. Our motor is designed to provide you with the highest possible value for your dollar. We encourage you to compare our motors to any and all others. We're confident that you'll find our motors will give you the biggest bang for your buck and get you there everytime.

Our Goal Our goal is to provide with the highest quality, most durable, and most reliable mud motors, all packed into a superiorly built compact design that is perfect for marshes, swamps, flooded timber and pot holes.


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